Venue, Transportation and Accommodation

Conference Location (Venue and Its Address)

Dongjiang Golf Resort Hotel,  Address:  No. 43, Putuo Road, Guilin 541004, China.

ph. +86 773 563 0888

Map of the Conference Location

How to get to the city of Guilin, province of GuangXi, China

Take the flight to Guilin’s LiangJiang International Airport  (International fliCght may transfer from Guangzhou or Shanghai), alternatively, you can fly to Guangzhou firstly, then take the high-speed train from Guangzhou  to Guilin North Railway Station (The following subheading lists the ways of going to Guangxi Normal University )

The high-speed train is available from Guangzhou to Guilin (running for 2.5 hours), 40 trains every day, but due to the high demands, suggest to buy the train ticket at least one day earlier via the following website –

Train ticket purchasing website –

1. From LiangJiang International Airport, 29Km

Take the airport shuttle bus to the Civil Aviation Building (民航大厦), costs 20 Chinese yuan,  then:

  • Take a taxi to Guangxi Normal University (Yucai Campus),
  • Go across the road opposite to Civil Aviation Building (民航大厦), take Bus Route No 85 or 16 to the Chaoyang intersection.

Alternatively take taxi directly from LiangJiang International Airport to Guangxi Normal University (Yucai Campus), the total fare would be about 150 Chinese yuan.

2. From Guilin Railway station:

  • By Bus: Take bus route No. 16, air-conditioned buses, the fare is 2 Chinese yuan which is to be dropped in the box at the bus entrance. The way to get the bus stop is to walk through the underground tunnel when stepping out of the Guilin Station, crossing the street, the station is in front of New Hyatt Kaiyue Hotel, it will arrive at the intersection of Chaoyang, that is, to the North gate of University.
  • By Taxi: costs about 20 Chinese yuan during the day.

3. From Guilin North Railway Station:

  • By Bus: Take bus route no. 32, get off when approaching Chaoyang intersection,
  • By Taxi: costs about 40 Chinese yuan during the day


For self-booking can go to this website –

The hotels listed below are around the campus, and we have negotiated cheaper prices for the following two hotels: Dongjiang Golf Resort Hotel, Address:  No. 43, Putuo Road, Guilin 541004, China,  ph. +86 773 563 0888  (near  Guangxi Normal University) and the Guilin New Kwangsi Style Hotel.  In order to book with the negotiated lower price, please send the request with your details to the conference organizer via email:

1. Dongjiang Golf Resort Hotel

Address:  No. 43, Putuo Road, Guilin 541004, China,  ph. +86 773 563 0888. 

 Show Booking Website


2. Guilin New Kwangsi Style Hotel

Address: No. 40 Putuo Road, Qixing, 541004 Guilin, China 

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The negotiated prices are –

   Room Style

Negotiated conference price
Standard Queen Room

288 Chinese yuan per night

Standard Twin Room

298 Chinese yuan per night

Deluxe Double or Twin Room

318 Chinese yuan per night

Family Suite

398 Chinese yuan per night

Executive Suite

618  Chinese yuan per night


3. Guilin Biyu International Hotel

Address: Qixing District Wulidian road on the 9th, ;

Telephone: 0773-6776666   0773-6772222

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4. Vienna Hotel

Address: Qixing DistrictQixing Road, Qixing new building, Wanda square ;

Telephone: 0773-2279999

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5. Jingyue Hotel

Address: Qixing District Putuo road on the 12th, ;



6.   7 Days Inn – QiXing Road Area

Address: Qixing District Tianxinli road on the 2th ;



Note: a very good website for all  bookings is